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Ode to Easy

When I was young, a little pup
I had such difficulty getting up
I flipped and flopped
And slid some more
Till I had polished the entire floor.
You see, my ears were verrry long
And often twirled me round and round
Till one fine day I lifted up
And flew ten feet, then did not stop.
That’s Easy! I cried aloud
And soon I flew to parts unknown
Where people looked and cried aloud – that’s Easy!
As I waved right back.
I traveled far, I traveled wide
Collecting friends from every side–
Australia, Paris, New York, Berlin
How glad I was to be invited in
To homes of thousands, and to share
My life and antics everywhere.
So Easy I was to everyone
So Easy it was to make having fun
As Easy as life can be for one.
I showered my love on all I met
I shared myself with nay a care
I’ll Easily see you again, I’m sure
I’m in your heart, forever more.

My Nebbish


Well, said I, it’s right as rain
As snow fell down the window pane
“And almost spring,” the Reinbear said
As he rolled and tumbled out of bed.

I think you’re wrong or quite mistaken
I’m sure I would remember that
If spring were here, then I would cheer!
And cry “Hooray!” and be quite gay.

“It’s not too late to do a jig and herald in the woodland sprigs”
And so the Reinbear danced and sang
While snowflakes followed him around.
He did not care if it was cold, or blustery or grey,
He knew that nestled in his heart
Spring was just a little way.
He’d wait for it, for blooms and sun
For all his friends to come and run
Along the river, down the lane
He knew that Spring was when they came.

“I’ll take a nap” the Reinbear said
“And when I wake I know I’ll see
The sun and grass, all green and bright
And spring will be a sheer delight!”

So in December when all was cold
Dreary, dark and dank,
I hurried quietly into bed
And slept and dreamt with Reinbear near
Till snow turned into rivers clear
Of daffodils and crocus blooms
Sparkling in the azure blue.

Oh GSD! How I Love You! said the Weimaraner


The Weimaraner and the German shepherd were the very best of friends
Hand in hand they strolled the land, far and wide through forest glens.
Then one fine day, from east to west, as clear a day could be,
Something, unbeknownst to them, was decidedly not right
And being very fearful, they fell into a fright.
“If you so please, and if you might, look far into the distance.”
And the Weimaraner huffed and puffed, as he spoke with much insistence.
Now the German shepherd, young and foolish, took care to do what pleased
So carefully she turned her head, as she began to sneeze
For she was prone, as you must know, to various reactions
And even with the right precautions
Her nose began to quiver, her body shook and quaked
Her head went back, her legs a jumble, and quick as be began to tumble,
Rolling past the Weimaraner, fast as a summer breeze.
“I say, that little gal of mine is getting rather sassy,”
Though none was there to hear or care, or his brilliant words to pass to.
His legs unfolded, and then his ears, and they began to flap,
Such a sight he was, as he flew past streams, and over the treetops,
For though they did intend to, without warning they did land too
Smack in the middle of a herd of cows, mooing softly while eating lunch,
Munching grass, so brilliantly green
With shades of chartreuse and violet, it seemed
That the cows were confused or possibly drunk
Though ranting and raving they were never mean,
But would stand and complain, in a long steady stream,
About family and friends and the Queen of England.
“It’s futile to talk to cows, and quite out of the question.”
So the friends declined, and in no time, slipped away with much discretion
As off they ran, hand in hand
Such a pair of friends you never saw
On to adventure, bound to explore
From the tip of Maine to the Florida Keys
And on to England and France if you please
With a stop in Amsterdam and Italy too,
They even ate chocolate in Belgium, it’s true,
Then back to the States for a loud how-DE-doo.
The Weimaraner and the Shepherd ran and ran with grace and with ease
Laughing with joy, and an occasional sneeze.


Happy Seasons and May Holiday Lights Glow So Bright!

That doggie in the crèche…

NYC–St. Patrick’s Cathedral–interior–crèche with dog–looks like a golden retriever

dog and god, one and the same
you can’t fake what’s in a name
forwards, backwards, it’s the same
dog and god are one name

don’t jump…


political issues aside
there are some things I really can’t hide
though finances are rough
not having a dog
is getting real tough
and depressed is a new state of mind

In darkness

Choking as the phantoms grasp-
It never ends.

The memories
Damn the memories.
Heart sickens at the time past, the future narrowing.

Enemy and friend.
Mind blanks and then retrieves convoluted queries
All answers unavailable.

He was the most handsome.
Not I, but you said this.
I, who watched his growth
His muscles swell into a well seasoned athlete
Honed by meticulous care.
Yes, I did this.
With only memories left to console.
This I have done to myself.

Homage to the blogs I follow

On the way to Mount Snowdon
I met a Slate Quarry.
Though not the one to err
Yet I found deep thought
In the passing of memory
Far under a tree
So Dark,
and dog-nab-it,
in the trolley garage.
Then as we retreat
you may vent, as you please–
But not to neglect,
to Canada we photo
And while Easy does it,
He’s my favorite by far!
But do not ignore
Doggystyle, yes, there’s more–
Thundering Herd, not absurd;
And we speak of adopting a little bit more!
So here’s to my minions–
In them I do reckon, with Brevity, tis true,
A soul’s walk will do,
So splash a little paint–
my words shall remain
with Margo’s Notebook,
and Sage’s misadventures
a source of real pride,
at night by my side–
Love those dogs, I confess,
Can’t get enough of you, I guess!

Stanza #2
It should so please me, if you would just see,
My newest companion–
It’s Zack, he flies free!

I cannot end these tears

why so my heart breaking
why do these tears come tumbling
flooding my soul
why must I feel so empty

oh lord, why am I so adrift, disconsolate
cannot just one thing in this universe make me whole
must I search till my heart breaks for finding nothing to replace the one being
that made my life whole
I cannot end these tears
there is no reason nor recourse for the tale that echoes forth
I have but solitude to seek and in that state I would find a glimmer of my former self
I am hyperbole and so inclined to meaningless allusions
I am a fragment of what you see
and inclined to be nothing more than the wind
and more a figment than truth
I am reality, but only in that fantasy that we perforce seek to surrender ourselves.
oh god, must I be this
I should drown in sorrow before I regain a spectrum of humanity
that this humanity be but wind and water, both gone and vanished into the air
I am but soiled in how I did regard the hearts of others
and yet I would relive these sorrows were you to let me pass to worlds that would divine the beauty of the world to come.
Let so my passage be, and to this I would incline my one true heart
to meet that heart I know does await, if not one true love, than one I should love, and with your will
I truly set my soul to be the keeper of this trust, to that I do compel myself
to fail thee not in this endeavor.

I’m handsome…

My pads are tough from asphalt streets

My nails are short, for this I’m pleased

My coat is brushed ten thousand times

So for the ladies I do shine.

Yet never once will she release

And take me off this cumbersome leash

So that I may attend to all

The ladies at my beck and call!




What wouldn’t I do for a dog…

I wandered down these streets alone

Until I found my way back home

And went inside to get a bone

Because my dog was on the phone

And couldn’t get away, you see

Until it was a quarter to three!

I remember…

How quiet he is.
In death as in life.
Soft, smooth, once warm, now cold and stiff.
Gone my love. Gone my long companion of days adrift and nights awake.
Gone now, gone forever, three feet down, an amendment to the soil.

To mask my pain and ask forgiveness.
What life did you lead. Were you served well, you who bent your head and body to my will.

I did ignore. I did. I remember well.

Soft, my boy, soft next to me, so easy to put aside.
To gather back those times, the endless repetition of a life’s attitudes, changed never, repentant forever. Time finite. Time infinity.

You left, and I sit, shocked that 16 years passed before me, unnoticed.
Asleep in your place on the floor, the discomfort comforts. The last sleep and weariness of each day blurs my mind of thought and emotion. Kept at bay, I exist.


ImageAh! The breeze!
Soft blowing in the summer morn
The swelling of the heat as noon is nigh
And though I utter not a sigh
To God or others left unknown
The glory of this green world
The brightness of a cloudless sky
With sun and moon together
Fills the grace within
As peace descends from nature’s womb
Surrounding every living thing.

Last Night


Oh my
There it goes
My nose has dropped onto my toes
My toes are running everywhere
I guess that means they must be scared
And so I’ll turn the light out now
And dream some more
Till morning shows.


I’ll say some more
It’s very likely I can’t stop.
Not now, I’m told
I’m on a roll
And wouldn’t coffee hit the spot?
I’ll drink a pot or two real quick
And then I’ll take a nap, I think
I’ll dream of meadows green and gold
And mice cavorting round the Maypole,
All breeds of dogs charging hither,
I wouldn’t mind going with them.
It’s very plain to me, you see
That dreams are my reality.


Boom boom!
Crash crash!
Down I go
I’m falling fast
Into a hole
Long and narrow
Dark and cold
And very nasty
I tell you so
That you should watch your every step
And so avoid a similar death.


What’s the meaning of this all?
So depressing, that’s for sure.
This meaningless banter in my brain,
I might as well be on a train
Rambling through the countryside
With all the dogs running wild,
With cats and mice chasing round
And ants crawling upside down,
Spiders spinning webs of gold,
I’d be a millionaire, I’m told.
Butterflies riding high
On wings of birds that fly and fly
From tree to tree and mountain top
And then they stop
To watch the sunset from the heights.
It’s quite serene this view below
Of God’s green earth
And nature’s show.


Twilight in the Mind of a Dog

Home again
Home all the time
Without home nothing matters
Take me home
Don’t fence me in
But don’t leave me out in the cold
I need familiarity, longevity, consistency
You can’t imagine what happens inside me when you leave
I wait
And wait, and wait
A battle of thoughts, of fear and insecurity
Return to me
On my knees
I do love youdogP6200053R2

dog play

Playing fast

Playing fast.  Playing first.  Playing all day long, I think.  Playing hard, having fun.  Trouble is I’m on the run.  Running here, running there, catch me fast, I’m everywhere!dogP8030001

My Dog

My dog, so soft and sweet as he sleeps
Quiet now before the dawn.
The potential of a new day will fill his heart, his loins.
Soon he wakes
To the light he looks
His knowledge of the greatness is infinite.
Can I be him just one day?
Let us exchange places, just one day
How would it be to know wonder, to look forward to everything.
All expectation
That is he
Not me.dogP6200053R

Partial lapse 2.1

p9150186-blogHow you sleep, I don’t know you in this sleep, this sleep you sleep so well. While I kiss you, feel the warmth of your cheek, the breath that slowly escapes. I inhale the scent that lightly clings to you after a night’s sleep; the scent that defines you, makes you one with me.
You turn around, your old bones stretch, lean your head against my thigh under the blankets. I have been up for hours. Sleep evades me, echoes of previous days haunt me, dreams of car crashes, waking into sanity/insanity. Night, day, night, day, waiting for what. For sleep. A good night’s sleep, a solid, complete sleep, dawning to a bright beginning.
Not for me. But for you, there, softly pressing your head against me. For you.

Dog story – part 14.1

pa170147blogGood morning New York.
Too many times I open my eyes and I’m without you again…

You wander around, nose to the ground …I’ve heard it all a million times before. Anticipation. Waiting. The greatest times are out the door, no time to wait, let’s get there straight. Now.

Dog down on the job – part 14


Whoa, what just happened? That sure was fast! Here I am, waiting patiently on the steps for my mistress’ return (what else is there to do all day, yes, well, sleeping, which feels so good…). So I thought to fulfill my household obligations, you know, the watching, herding, protecting aspects (not the cuddling, please…) With that in mind, and a quick bound, or rebound (I missed the first step the first time), I applied myself to the vigilance required for perusing the passing parade beyond the window, waiting, waiting, waiting…

Now waiting and watching are worthy professions from where I come. Thus it was not without some chagrin that I must express my embarrassment at having missed a prime suspect, my reason for being (she hasn’t taught me French) and with hopes, I remain at my post…Adieu!

Fall into winter – dog sleeps

swampmerge-copyblogFall into winter. Yes, fall into winter. Not spring ahead, no running here, just falling. Even the swamp won’t let you forget what’s in store. Cold just thinking about it. No wonder the dog wants to stay in bed. Brrrrr… So today he remains quiet without knowing I can speak as well, or well I am that I speak for him for good as he (or not?). Another day, anon, a new photo to take for the morrow.

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